map of Buckley Hill, Sefton, Liverpool

From: "Eileen O'Connor" March 11, 2006, Map of L30 0PS - cancer cluster

Please take a look at the enclosed map of Buckley Hill, Sefton, Liverpool. I've been told this is the largest cancer cluster in the UK which includes children including my niece who had her kidney removed due to cancer when she was two years old; she feels the effects of radiation from the masts and has now been prescribed medication to help her sleep. Sefton Council are due to demolish blocks of flats in post code L30 0PS. The Arrow points to the postcode for the flats as per the royal mails system of allocating postcodes. Larger maps and mast list to follow if anyone wants copies are here
(.pdf, 1,1 MB) The lines overlaid on the powerlines are 250 metres from the centerline of the line. Many thanks to Chris Frear for taking time to put this detailed map together.

Eileen O'Connor